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The game takes you back to WW1. The two rival armies - of Entente and Germany - fight fiercely
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28 September 2007

Editor's review

Sky Goofers 2.0 can probably be regarded as one of the most thrilling action packed war game amongst a myriad of small scale games of its class. Dished out by massively popular MyPlayCity, the game is a true testimony to the fact why and how war games have been managing to stay towards the top of the charts throughout the history of the modern video game industry. If you are one of those die hard fans of war games, then Sky Goofers is definitely the title you got to give a shot to.

Sky Goofers 2.0 on launch sports a pretty neat and alluring interface - not mundane, but easy enough to give a novice user a decent overview about the salient features of the game. The game controls are also quite easy which are probably suitable for users from all levels of technical aptitude, and the idea behind designing the game is to remind you the horrifying battle scenarios of WW1. In this game the two rival armies are fighting in the sea, on the ground and also in the air. In this game player needs to fit himself into the shoes of a military aircraft pilot and the survival of many states are in his hands. You would be given options to choose rival, plane and a mission during the game and the mission of the player ends once the alien plains are destroyed and all targets are met. For player convenience "Training" mode is made available so it’s advisable for player to go through the same before starting the game as this would also help him improve his skills. So, the player has to choose his way accordingly and he can enjoy a highly entertaining combat flight. The best part - it comes for no cost as it’s a freeware. If you have been a fan of the strategy-games for over some times then probably you can go for this option.

Overall, quite a nice game to enjoy in your leisure time. Certainly deserves no less than a score of three and a half rating point for its interesting plot.

Publisher's description

The game takes you back to WW1. The two rival armies - of Entente and Germany - fight fiercely on the ground, in the sea and in the air. Who will take over in this hard battle of giants? The fate of many states is in your hands. In this game, you take on the role of military aircraft pilot. You can choose a plane, a mission to accomplish, and a rival. If necessary, you can use a map to locate the enemy and targets. Different outlook spots will help in getting orientated on the ground and keep an eye on a situation. The mission is deemed accomplished if all targets and alien planes are destroyed. Before getting engaged in the campaign, you can try to better your mastery in the "Training" mode, and to improve your combat skills and reaction in the "Alert" mode. Choose your way and plunge into an entertaining flight into the past!
Sky Goofers
Sky Goofers
Version 2.0
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